Friday, March 6, 2009

Phonebook Recycling in North Raleigh

If you do not want your recently delivered telephone books, please consider recycling instead of trashing them! However please note that due to the type of paper, telephone books can not be recycled curbside. Please do not put them in the green bins for regular pick up. The City Solid Waste Services Department has set up specific yellow telephone book containers for recylcing which are available now through May 1 2009 at various recycling centers.

In North Raleigh the best place to drop them off is at Brennan Station Shopping Center at the corner of Creedmoor and Strickland roads. The drop off site is behind the shopping center - off Brennan Drive - follow the large white water tower. This is one of the seven City recycling sites and is open 24/7.

This center accepts the following items:
- Corrugated cardboard
- Paperboard and SBS board (i.e. cake, cracker, cereal boxes)*
- White paper (any color print on the paper is ok)
- Magazines and catalogs
- Newspapers and all inserts
- Aluminum beverage cans
- Aluminum foil and trays (MUST be clean)
- All plastic BOTTLES (the neck must be narrower than the base)
- Plastic beverage rings (soft, not rigid type, do not have to cut rings)
- Gable top containers (such as milk or laundry softener cartons)
- Glass food and beverage containers
- Aseptic boxes (drink boxes, remove straw)
- Steel and bimetal food cans
- Ink jet and toner cartridges
- Cell phones (NO accessories)

Information about Wake County Recycling. They take things such as furniture, scrap metal, etc.

Trash Takers - find out how to get recycle or get rid of just about anything!

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