Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outcomes of 3/17/09 meeting

1. Rezoning Z-44-08, Colonnade Center Drive & Six Forks Rd, to change from "Office & Industrial 1" to "Shopping Center Conditional Use" was approved. This is what has been referred to as "The Whole Foods Rezoning Project".

2. The vote on raising water rates held until next meeting. The council has already decided to established a tiered water rate system which is projected to start in November. However due to overall budget shortfalls (resulting from extra expenses and decreased revenue) for the Public Utilities system, the City is looking for a more immediate solution. Therefore we held the decision until the next meeting in order to explore the options for funding the water & sewer system without raising overall rates.

3. Trash assistance program - The City has an unsually high number of people requesting backyard pickup which adds significant cost. We want to make sure that people who are physically disabled or elderly and need backyard collection are able to receive it. In order to establish the best procedure for verifying the need for assistance, it is now in Public Works Committee.

4. Rezoning of H6 delayed - The Wake County school system is asking the city to rezone 80 acres on Forestville Road near U.S. 401 for the planned Forest Ridge High School. The issue will be discussed at the City Council meeting April 7.

5.City Council Approves Hillsborough Street Roundabout Phase 1 Project Bid

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