Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tiered Water Rates

The drought of 2007 was a huge wake-up call for Raleigh about our collective water usage and issues of availability and access. View map of NC drought conditions

The urgency of the drought moved us to create the "Slow the Flow" campaign to educate the city's citizens on our water supply and steps they can take
to conserve this precious resource. I worked hard with local conservationists and volunteers to make the conservation message widely visible around the community. I co-chaired this committe with Mary-Ann Baldwin.

Water Consumption Calculator

FYI - Average water use per day based on a family of four people
Toilets - 18.5 gallons
Washing machine - 15 gallons
Shower - 11.6 gallons
Facuets - 10.9 gallons
Leaks - 9.5 gallons

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