Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crabtree Road Study

Crabtree Valley is a critical area for Raleigh since it serves as a major croassroads, and I believe that we need a comprehensive study of traffic through this area.

Money has been previously designated for the specific purpose of studying the Crabtree Valley area, therefore funds would not come out of the current city budget for this purpose. I believe that we need to explore the possibilities of routing traffic away from the main intersections around Crabtree Mall. The proposal is to extend Crabtree Valley Avenue from Creedmoor Road to Glenwood Avenue. While the proposed roadway is only a third of a mile, there are a lot of issues to address. It is important to understand the full cost and environmental implications of any road work before we can decide if it's worth funding.

As we look at forming our new comprehensive plan, it is especially important that we use this opportunity to address traffic in Crabtree Valley.

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