Friday, February 6, 2009

NC Water Rights Committee

N.C. Water Rights Committee Announces Raleigh City Councilor Nancy McFarlane As New President 02-03-2009

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. – The N.C. Water Rights Committee has announced that Raleigh City Councilor Nancy McFarlane has been chosen as the new president of the organization. McFarlane replaces Keith Crisco, who has been named N.C. Secretary of Commerce by Gov. Beverly Perdue.

McFarlane was elected to the Raleigh City Council in 2007 following her successful campaign to change the city’s construction policies, including how it monitors storm water runoff. A member of the Sierra Club and the Conservation Council of North Carolina, she became a key player in developing the Water Conservation Council, a group of community representatives working to create an educational campaign to inform the public of the importance of water conservation. She worked with other volunteers to develop the council’s public education campaign and slogan, “Slow The Flow, Save Some For Later,” and currently serves as the council’s co-chair.

As president of N.C. Water Rights Committee, McFarlane will serve as the primary advocate and spokesperson for a grassroots initiative to promote the concept that North Carolinians should have the same rights to their water that 33 other states currently enjoy. Chief among these beliefs is that the residents of North Carolina are the best stewards for their water rather than private firms who use it primarily for their financial benefit.

The N.C. Water Rights Committee is a group of concerned citizens, business leaders, government officials and others who have joined together to make sure that the citizens of North Carolina are fully informed about the critical issue of the public’s water rights. “I am honored to be selected as president of the N.C. Water Rights Committee,” said McFarlane. “As the organization’s new leader, I vow that I will promote the issue of water rights throughout the state and remind every North Carolina we are just as entitled to them as are residents in the majority of other states throughout our great country.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as leader of the N.C. Water Rights Committee,” said Crisco. “We have a great group of people fighting for an excellent cause, and I only wish I would be able to continue my role in it along with my new job. I congratulate Nancy on being my successor and wish her all the best.”

About N.C. Water Rights Committee: The N.C. Water Rights Committee is a coalition of North Carolina businesses and concerned citizens who have joined this statewide effort to inform citizens of the critical issues and decisions concerning water rights that affect all North Carolinians now and for many decades to come. For more information, visit

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