Monday, April 12, 2010

City Council Approves Stormwater Projects

Throughout my terms on council and as Chair of the Comprehensive Planning Committee I have worked hard on developing strong stormwater standards. These help establish local systems to control the flow of water and protect waterways from excessive sedimentary runoff from construction sites.

The following projects were reviewed and prioritized by the Stormwater Management Advisory Commission (SMAC) in March and forwarded to the City Council. The approved drainage improvement projects total an estimated total cost of $340,000. All Drainage Petition projects are funded by the Stormwater Utility fees.

  • Maram Court - severe channel erosion in a tributary to Big Branch which flows through the backyards of several homes. The City will stabilize approximately 80 feet of the drainage way by bioengineering methods.
  • Sylvester Street - A tributary to Southgate Branch which bisects the backyards has severe erosion. The work will shift the stream away from the driveway and tie back in along the eastern side of 2916 Sylvester Street. The area will be stabilized with bioengineering plantings .in the areas of eroded bank on both properties.
  • South Saunders Street - To help prevent street flooding, the Stormwater Utility Division will upgrade the existing drainage system from a pipe inlet behind 2621 South Saunders Street to a catch basin on the west side of South Saunders Street.
  • Onslow Road - The work at 1408 and 1416 Onslow Road will correct severe erosion and create a floodplain bench and stabilized with plantings.
  • Lake Boone Trail - A collapsing and separating corrugated pipe has caused severe erosion and sink holes on a property at 413 and 501 Lake Boone Trail. The work will replace approximately 216 feet of pipe.
  • Shavenrock Place - A 15 inch diameter concrete pipe will be replaced to correct severe erosion.
  • Silkwood Way – an open channel and pipe to alleviate erosion caused by uphill development

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