Sunday, August 16, 2009

Environmental Leadership Event

Thanks to the leadership of Bill, Russ and Nancy, the Raleigh City Council is currently addressing the unsustainable consumption based principles of our public utilities systems and making smart investments in green technologies such as LED street lights, hybrid electric buses and plug-in stations. We have also installed solar thermal water heating systems on fire stations and recently approved the development of 1.3 megawatt solar array. Our new convention center is one of the greenest in the nation and will be officially LEED certified by the end of the year. The City Council is also incentivizing water conservation with new tiered water rates and low-flush toilet rebates. We have seen how rapidly increasingly population and growth are straining our infrastructure and causing increased pollution of our lakes and drinking water. Stormwater controls are an important part of preventing this damage, and just this past week Russ & Nancy recommended stricter standards through the Comprehensive Planning Committee. As Raleigh continues to grow these challenges of balancing environmental protection with development interests will only increase. As consistent voices for environmental leadership we hope you will continue to lend your support.

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