Tuesday, June 16, 2009

City Council Agenda 6/16/2009

Full text of 1:00pm agenda here. No 7pm meeting tonight.

Selections from the Consent Agenda:
2. Community Services Department Partnership Agreement
The Council recently approved a partnership between the City of Raleigh Community Services Department and One Economy Corporation, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC that maximizes technology to help low income people improve their lives and enter the economic mainstream. Since that time, the Information Technology and Community Services Departments have been facilitating agreements between One Economy Corporation and the Raleigh Housing Authority to provide free Internet service to low and moderate income households at Chavis Heights and Heritage Park. The installation of the Internet service at Chavis Heights is taking place and is expected to be completed at the end of June. Internet access to 168 housing units is expected to be available mid-July 2009. The cost to provide this service to the residents at Chavis Heights has been covered by One Economy and RHA; however, it has been requested that the City assist with the cost to provide service to Heritage Park residents. The total three-year cost of this service to Heritage Park is $63,392. One Economy will cover $32,872 and the City will cover $30,220 of the total cost over three-years. Funding for the first year cost, $15,128 is in the Information Technology FY09 budget which will be transferred administratively to an agency grant account.

5. Loan Award - North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Clean Water State Revolving Fund - Fire Station Rainwater Harvesting Program
The City has been approved for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 loan assistance from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund in the amount of $465,737. This loan is for funding of rainwater harvesting systems at nine City fire stations and three Wake County facilities. The rainwater harvesting program will consist of cisterns and/or rain gardens at these locations. The total estimated cost of these projects is $574,737. This loan has a 0% interest rate and ½ of the loan amount will be forgiven. These projects will help address water quality concerns in the City. Several streams in the City have been placed on the EPA 303(d) list for impaired waters and noted water quality problems due to levels of sediment, biological integrity and other elevated pollutant loads. This project is one of several initiatives by the City to improve impaired water quality. Lake preservation and stream restoration and stabilization projects have been funded and programmed in the Stormwater Utility Capital Improvement Program over the next several years. A public education program targeted to improve water quality is also planned.

10. Stormwater Utility - Monitoring Agreement with North Carolina State University
The City has recently installed a rain garden (bioretention area) at the Street Maintenance yard on Dortch Street in order to treat stormwater before it enters Pigeon House Branch. NCSU has agreed to monitor the stormwater to ascertain the benefits of the rain garden. In order to accomplish this, North Carolina State University needs to install stormwater monitoring equipment and access the site. An agreement with NCSU is needed to grant permission and outline the conditions of the monitoring. The City Attorney’s Office has reviewed the agreement.

1. Park Master Plan Study
The Committee recommends that staff be directed to re-write the current Parks Planning Process according to recommendations outlined in the report entitled: Involving the Public in Park Planning: An Evaluation of the City of Raleigh’s Park Master Planning Process and bring the recommendations back to Council. The recommendations are to include a policy of employing an independent observer to provide feedback throughout the implementation of the revised Parks Planning process. This item will remain in Committee for further discussion.

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